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Welcome to Visit us at Shanghai electronica China



Welcome to Visit us at Shanghai electronica China

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The electronica China Exhibatbion which takes place on 3 days from 3rd to 5th National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

The Shanghai electronica China is an important exhibition in the electronics industry, and exhibitors from all over the world are invited to participate in this exhibition.
Guangzhou Aipu Electron Technology Co., Ltd has been attending The Shanghai Electronics Exhibition for several years.  At this time, we exhibit new upgraded power module products in the fields of industrial communications, charging piles, power, industrial control, railways, communications, Internet of Things, instruments and meters.
Also, Aipulnion's product range has developed strongly over recent years and we have the competitive edge for price, performance, reliability & innovation.  The product range also includes: 2-200W ACDC Converter, 1-700W DCDC Converter,CAN/485/232 Trancsceiver Module and 20-40W Ringing Generator.
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