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Pin definition on Aipu electronic power module



Pin definition on Aipu electronic power module

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NC: Indicates that there is this pin but does not have any electrical connection meaning (actually used to fix the module's power supply)
NP: indicates no such pin
REM: indicates remote control (used for remote control, sometimes also represented by CNT, CTL)
TRIM: indicates the output voltage trimming end (with ±S or ±Vout adjustment) +S indicates down-regulation -S indicates up-regulation
ADJ: indicates that the output voltage is fine-tuned (but generally used to indicate up-regulation without down-regulation)
COM: indicates a common ground pin
GND: indicates a single ground pin
+Vin: indicates the input voltage positive
-Vin: indicates the input voltage negative
+Vout: indicates the output positive
-Vout: indicates the output negative
AC (N): indicates AC zero line input
AC (L): indicates AC line input
CASE: indicates the module housing
FG: pick up the earth
AUX: Auxiliary power supply
CS: indicates external filter capacitor
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