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Mu Exhibition: fifteen years focused on electronic industry innovation and upgrading

Date:2016-04-05 16:41:49

 From the first session of the March 2002 Shanghai Munich Electronics Fair (China electronica) at the time of the new Shanghai New International Expo Center was held, unknowingly Shanghai Munich Electronics Show has gone through fifteen years. With the rising of the Asian electronics industry, it is playing a role of bridge in the communication between the West and the West.

 March 17, 2016, Shanghai, Munich Electronics Show and Shanghai Munich electronic production equipment exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center successfully concluded. The scale and quality of the current exhibition upgrade again, the exhibition area covering 62000 square meters, more than 8% in 2015 than in. 1088 exhibitors from 31 countries gathered in one, to 61455 viewers (an increase of 11%) to show the industrial 4, automotive, networking, medical and other technical solutions in the field of technology solutions.

 Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. director and deputy general manager Thomas L O ffler concluded: "electronica China experienced 15 years of development, is not only a platform for enterprises to display products, is the electronics industry to explore the exchange, seek common development of the industry feast, but also show the benchmark for Electronic Science and technology innovation." With the popularization of science and technology in the future, electronica & productronica China Exhibition always lead the electronic industry forward, the exhibition many gathered a large coffee, showcasing electronic the most advanced technologies in the field from unmanned, wearable devices and networking products and solutions undoubtedly once again attract attention in the whole of Asia!

 Sun induced electronic electric (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. the district director grew up well for a long time, commented: "Munich to Shanghai Electronics Show the first feeling is number of viewers, especially, especially compared to Taiwan, South Korea and other Asian exhibition and, obviously feel the audience's enthusiasm."

 Fifteen years to grow, to create the largest industry event in Asia

 Fifteen years, Munich Shanghai Electronics Show ahead of the pace never stopped, from 2002 285 exhibitors, the 15218 professional audience, 11853 square meters exhibition area development to 2016 1088 exhibitors, 62000 square meters 61455 professional audience show area. Exhibition to create a semiconductor, passive components, connectors and power and other theme exhibition area, has developed into the largest and most influential electronic industry event in Asia.

 Qu Yonglei, Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., general manager of the Asia Pacific region said: "electronica & productronica China Exhibition held this year quite successful, visitors, show the influence of gradually become larger, science and technology innovation drive the steady development of the electronics industry as a whole. We are sure to attend the next exhibition, I believe we will meet more quality buyers!"

 By the global automotive market warming, automotive electronics industry also ushered in a period of rapid development. In this year's Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, automotive electronics become the main keywords, many manufacturers from love Pu electronic AIPULNION Fujitsu Fujitsu, nitric oxide semiconductor, semiconductor, Renesas Renesas, Rohm semiconductor Rohm, Vishay technology Vishay, Toshiba and other are showing the automobile electronic products, covering "dynamical systems, automotive lighting, in car entertainment, vehicular networks, car connector" many niche products. This exhibition for the vigorous demand for automotive applications, carefully build car technology day". From ADAS (Advanced Driver assistance systems), 3D virtual instrument technology, new energy car to car networking to the intelligent transportation, all kinds of advanced automotive electronics technology in this assembly do foot innovation technical reserves for the smart car's arrival.

 In addition, the Internet of things (IoT) has become a new fuse detonated IT change. According to the research firm Gartner predicts, 2016 global networking equipment will reach 64 million pieces of scale, and by 2020 will rose to 2.1 billion. In 2016 in Munich, Shanghai Electronics Show, from Bosch, Toshiba, STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics and Panasonic and other companies exhibited objects related networking scheme and power in the future electronic in the differences in the development of the wearable transitive network.

  On the hot topic of industry 4, people will focus more on the cloud computing, industrial networking. Whether it is industrial 4, industrial robots or industrial networking, its core is intelligent manufacturing. Current Munich Shanghai Electronics Show to promote industrial 4.0 in the development of China's electronic manufacturing industry, in the field of connector, passive components and sensor provides a full range of perspective, let you in, looking at the world. Display connector the latest technologies and solutions in Hao Ting HARTING, hrs, Phoenix Phoenix Contact, Rosenberg Rosenberger, MOLEX MOLEX, Tyco Electronics te connector manufacturers.

 Wago electronic (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. IC Product Manager Zhang and we share the participating speech: "this year is Wago participating for the first time in Munich, Shanghai Electronics Show, for the quality and quantity of the audience, and we are very satisfied with, only the first day has many viewers to our booth communication, including technology and services. In addition, the development of business quality is relatively high. The entire exhibition effect is greatly exceeded our expectations."

 Expert dialogue, focusing on the car, the Internet of things and industry 4

 2016 Munich Shanghai electronics exhibition period also held a a series of high quality and international innovation forum, firmly grasp the cars, power electronics, medical, embedded, connectors and other popular application market and the rapid development of industry, promote between electronic supplier and customer interaction, build a discussion of technology innovation platform.

 During the exhibition, held in the China International Automotive Electronics Technology Innovation Conference and international electric vehicle Forum on innovation and development, from the whole plant experts and international leading chip suppliers will focus on power transmission system, safety and information technology, its technology and so in the automotive electronics industry rapid development of innovative technology, a heated discussion.

 In addition, International Power Electronics Innovation Forum also from within the industry experts and scholars will discuss converter and micro grid technology, wireless charging and power supply technology of vehicle, industrial 4.0 times power technology is a hot topic.

 Has opened a new journey, electronica & productronica China exhibition will link between past and future, and constantly promote the electronics of the Chinese people's hard work, innovative thinking change of quality, within the next 15 years or even longer period of time to serve the industry, becoming the platform of choice for industry products exhibition, academic communication, technical innovation.

 The next China electronica will be held in Shanghai in March 2017 14-16.

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