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Prospect of power module industry from the perspective of Metro Construction

Date:2016-04-05 14:39:22

 December 28, 2013 afternoon, with the official opening of the Guangzhou subway line 6 trial run, plagued the Guangzhou Jinshazhou residents for many years the traffic travel problem has finally been effectively alleviated! From Jinshazhou residents have more convenient subway travel, go Jinshazhou bridge traffic jam the only choice in breaking the past that Huashan Road. Although in addition to public transport, there are water, but the water Pakistan, after all, limited capacity, the purpose of a single, low efficiency and low efficiency, and can not solve too many problems. The opening of the subway, to a large extent, ease the confusion. Water bus passenger flow is said to be due to the opening of the subway to reduce the usual 1/3. In addition to Guangzhou. In addition many cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Nanjing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing, Changchun, Qingdao and are in the near future have new subway lines opened or entered the construction phase, which can be said the underground rail transportation and usher in a peak period of construction.

 In the construction of the subway facilities and equipment, the use of more power module products, such as the subway gate, locomotive headlights, Metro broadcasting system, signal lights, lights and communication systems, etc.. The operation of these modules is related to the safety of all aspects of the subway operation, so that the quality of the requirements are relatively high, not a small workshop of the general product can be competent. Love Pu electronics module product series, you get a lot of equipment providers love. They have a lot of selection and comparison, the final selection of our products, we can see that Pu's products have a certain advantage in performance and price. Taking Guangzhou Metro as an example, our power module products related to radio, gate, communication, light and other aspects, for the stable operation of these devices provides a good support.

 With the advance of urbanization process in China, traffic problems in many cities show out, ground long-term congestion, open sky also can temporarily reflected in science fiction movies, to alleviate traffic problems in a certain extent, only developing to the underground, so the subway will become the basic of these cities is the only option. And with the subway technology and management of the increasingly perfect, many cities on the construction of the subway is not a problem on the choice. China's large and medium cities and so many of the population concentration, each city's subway lines have been planning. In Guangzhou, for example, the subway company is pushing on the 7th line a, line 6 phase II, on the 9th line, Guangfo line phase II and on the 8th line Phoenix Village to the Culture Park Section 5 of the subway construction. In addition, Guangzhou also new line eight North Extension, the South extension of the line four, line eleven, line thirteen, line, line fourteen, line twenty-one, line, knowledge of the city a total of 7 subway lines.

 Is expected in 2017, Guangzhou total new 12 (section) 284 km subway line, the newly built open lines with a total mileage will exceed the sum of the past 20 years. By then, the total mileage of the Guangzhou Metro will be more than 500 km, the lines throughout the twelve districts and county-level cities, the average daily passenger flow more than 10 million, quite to move every day more than half of the Guangzhou city population.

 Which can be foreseen in the next period of time, the subway construction process will continue to a peak, due to various related equipment will be a long-term benefit, and demand for high quality power supply module also from get big push.

 So, for the rail transport industry power module products, the future will maintain a relatively large demand. Love Pu will also continue to increase in the industry module power supply technology research and development, constantly introduce better quality, more stable power supply module products, to meet the market demand, China rail transit industry on their one component.

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