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Opportunity of photovoltaic module power supply from solar power generation

Date:2016-04-05 14:37:57

 A few days ago, the reporter learned from the power grid Zhejiang Province Electricity Power Company, this year, Zhejiang photovoltaic power generation is an explosive growth trend. As of the end of 8 2013, the cumulative amount of photovoltaic power generation in Zhejiang amounted to 43 million 30 thousand kwh, compared with the same period last year, the photovoltaic power generation capacity of kwh, an increase of 1398%. Among them, the provincial power company accumulated consumptive photovoltaic power generation capacity of 9 million 660 thousand kwh, is 2.58 times last year. And for the power module industry, this may be another opportunity, it drives the development of solar module power supply.

 In some time ago, the development and Reform Commission made clear that the tariff policy of photovoltaic power plants and distributed PV tariff subsidies standards. The positive attitude of the power companies, PV were positive and effective disposal. Therefore the development upsurge of photovoltaic power plant in Zhejiang Province. And with the spread of this boom, believe there will be more about photovoltaic power generation projects and applications. This wave of boom has also inspired more and more ordinary residents to try to build photovoltaic power stations in their own roof. Zhejiang Province's first grid connected residents roof photovoltaic power plant since the beginning of February grid has been accumulated generating 4700 kW, the power plant owner - Taizhou Linhai refers to Xian Jun He Cun Yan farmers "sell" the 4400 kwh of electricity to the national grid. Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation this year accepted the residents of photovoltaic power generation projects to apply for 20, and a total of 23 households to achieve grid power generation.

 For the application of small photovoltaic power generation, it is generally necessary to convert solar energy into electrical energy. And the intensity of the sun's light is constantly changing, the general power of the photovoltaic power generation will appear high and low fluctuations in the voltage, and sometimes it will be relatively large fluctuations. For example, the summer sun direct sunlight, and the clouds are relatively more cloudy, the same photovoltaic devices are likely to be converted to the voltage difference of more than a few hundred volts. So, it is a big challenge for the module power supply that can be converted to normal voltage. The input range of the power module is generally required for the power supply module above 100-1000. And the output of the module can be designed according to the actual energy storage equipment. For example, the current love Pu production of solar BK series, the module power input for the 500V, the scope can be extended to 100V-1000V, so that can basically meet the vast majority of the weather, the work of solar energy equipment needs.

 And for the characteristics of solar equipment, because it is outdoor equipment, because some of the power module will take into account the issue of lightning, which, love Pu company also has the corresponding solution. There is a need to clearly explain the, due to the relatively small volume of the power supply module, industry standardization and common design, general design according to the industry of power supply module is not making the function of lightning protection in the power supply module, we usually through in the periphery of the power module increase electronic lightning protection circuit, to achieve the common standards of mine.

 Why is the state in a short period of time to make such a big policy for photovoltaic power generation? I think that in addition to the national plan to upgrade the industry, the impact of the environment is also an important factor. In addition to the beginning of this year and the most recent days, most of the northern regions of severe dust weather, some areas have reached the level of heavy pollution, has been a great threat to people's lives and health. Energy saving and emission reduction, using new energy sources to replace the traditional coal, is already an urgent matter. Solar power generation, can convert light energy into electrical energy, and then through the conversion of the power module, into a common voltage use, or through the energy storage devices will be able to store power, the need to use. More direct is to be incorporated into the power grid, the implementation of electricity through the power grid transmission to millions of households to use, directly produce economic benefits. In this way, the Internet more and more power from the sun, and add other new energy power can directly or indirectly reduce dependence on coal power plants, so that we can effectively control air pollution problems.

 At present, Zhejiang Province Electric Power Company is the combination of 2013 Zhejiang distribution network rolling planning, compiling distributed power accessing special reports on, on the province's development of distributed generation (DG) for prediction and analysis, also the charges, price, settlement and other matters actively with relevant government departments report to communicate and promote relevant policies promulgated as soon as possible. Here, just the reaction of the Zhejiang province of the solar photovoltaic electricity prices, which led to the upsurge of solar power generation. And the recent deterioration of the environment, the greater the driving force for this industry. And we timely introduction of this solar BK series module power supply, will have the opportunity to get the future of small-scale photovoltaic power generation equipment. This is precisely the starting of a new industry to the module power industry has brought great opportunities.

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