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United Electrical and RT rail transportation cooperation, for the global investment

Date:2016-03-15 14:58:39

RT rail transit:

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United Electric global investment introduction:

Guangzhou activer Electric Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to the principle of customer first, friendship and cooperation, adhere to create value and share the success of business philosophy, invites interested in the module of power industry partners to jointly develop the domestic and foreign market.

Our advantage

1, the power module industry leader, with a number of patents, 14 years focused on the module power supply innovation, research and development, manufacturing, sales.

2, enrich and perfect, customization product line, providing stable, high price products, some products through the certification of UL, CCC, CE, RoHS and so, widely used in the fields of military, railway, electric power, medical, communications, and control.

3, the market reaction is rapid, with perfect after sales system, logistics distribution system, service outlets all over the country's 30 cities.

4, the power industry's leading brand, publicity and promotion coverage network, television, magazines, exhibitions, outdoor advertising and other online and offline media.

5, perfect marketing system, training system, production management system can help the rapid development of the market partners. Strong R & D team, automated lean production support, so that each partner to avoid worries, focus on market development.

Market planning

In order to further develop the China market, company plans to level the regional market for unit recruitment agents, distributors, authorized dealers, responsible for the local market to carry out business management.

For the foreign market, we invite strength and experience of foreign trade partners and we together to open up Central Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America and other potential market.

Policy and support

1, partner to enjoy our trademark, the right to use the patent (for sales purposes only), and I can provide OEM, ODM services.

2, the conventional products of a unified national price, customized products enjoy the price protection policy, the different levels of partners enjoy different price policy, preferential policies and so on, the customer after the record our strictly to ensure the interests of the partners.

3, complete the sales rebate provisions enjoy the market and advertising support, some products provide free samples.

4, perfect product knowledge, sales training system, to ensure that each partner quickly become the sales elite, module power experts, the overall solution of expert.

Agent cooperation requirements:

1, there are a number of high-quality customers, annual turnover of more than 3 million yuan.

2, has its own sales team, has a strong public relations ability, with regional market development ability.

3, there are relevant technical personnel, can handle the general technical problems.

4, enterprises with industry and commerce registration requirements, the operation of similar products or business experience for more than 5 years.

5, the amount of 100 thousand yuan each stocking.
  Dealer cooperation requirements:

1, in the electronic market has a better position counter, annual turnover of more than 500 thousand yuan.

2, has a good business reputation, timely payment.

3, enterprises with industry and commerce registration requirements, the operation of similar products or business experience for more than 3 years.

4, the amount of 30 thousand yuan each stocking.

Special dealer requirements:

1, have their own accumulation or cultivation of high-quality customer resources, with sales or business module power experience.

2, the timely payment of annual turnover, according to the actual situation of negotiation.

Foreign trade partner requirements:

1, in foreign countries have a good customer base, stable business contacts.

2, Alibaba, global resources, such as B2B foreign trade platform operating experience.

3, familiar with the foreign trade process with the power industry or electronic components trading experience.

Joining process:

1, business negotiations, cooperation intention customers can contact us according to our information, we provide professional industry information, product knowledge, marketing plan, network expansion plans, customer management philosophy.

Contact: Mr. Chen TEL:020-84206763-861



2, fill in the registration form ", to provide business information: we need partners provide the following information: company name, company, address, telephone number, legal person and taxpayer identification number, account and account and other relevant legal documents.

3, the signing of the contract, both parties with the purpose of mutual benefit, common development of win-win philosophy of market operation to negotiate, on business operations, marketing, and follow-up services, brand publicity and other aspects of the agreement, and discuss the content signed a cooperation contract. In the form of contract to determine the duration of cooperation, cooperation, operating areas, the rights and obligations of both parties, breach of contract, etc., to ensure that the cooperation between the two sides are friendly, reasonable, fair, protected by law.

4, start of operation: after the contract was signed, Youlian electrical financial department, marketing department will according to your company to provide business information to establish archives cooperation and business contacts on both sides of scientific management, and professional guidance and scientific assessment of cooperation between the two sides, the cooperation between the two sides of the implementation of the advance, incentive measures, ensure cooperation smoothly, and make our service bring you considerable development and good market returns.

Detailed investment information

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