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What are the advantages of the power module instead of the switching power supply

Date:2016年4月5日 15:12

DC/DC power module is used to achieve the idea of switching power supply, the principle of which there is no difference. The advantages of DC-DC module are mainly embodied in the small size, high efficiency, better stability and so on. The power switch can achieve greater power, but also the cost of switching power supply is relatively small, but the volume is relatively large, the conversion efficiency is low, the stability is not as high as the power supply module.

There are two kinds of Buck and boost DC-DC, here only said buck. For example you to a DC-DC 10V input, DC-DC have oscillator and chopping module, for example, in a time period to allow 10V by, another time period does not allow 10V through (equal to 0V). And in the output of a capacitor to filter, as long as the capacitor is large enough, the result is equal to the middle of the pulse waveform calculus, and the output of a 5V DC waveform.

Relative to the blood pressure in voltage regulator module, a greater extent avoid the electrical energy consumption in the step-down module above, and internal shocks part control the duty than to be able to change output voltage (10V range), so that the output to constant (for example, a DC-DC power source module to the prescribed input range is 6V to 16V, 5V output, as long as it is within the range of the input, the output is 5V error of only a few hundredths of a volt, and the output of the voltage regulator module and input voltage have a linear relationship, the output voltage of the output voltage and input 14V input 7V worse relatively large).

Advantages of using power modules

Different suppliers in the market to launch a variety of different modules, and different products of the input voltage, output power, function and topology and so on are not the same. And now the power module market is relatively mature, there are many standard products, can quickly help the electronics designers to quickly complete the product's power supply design circuit. Yuan of science and technology in the design of the product, according to industry standards to design and manufacture products, can be adapted to the needs of most of the products of the power module. At the same time, according to the actual requirements of customers to transform and optimize the product, as far as possible to meet the individual needs of customers.

Using power module can save the development time, so that products can be faster to launch the market, so the power module is better than the integrated solution. The power module mainly has the following advantages:

- small volume. Because the volume of the power module also belong to the switching power supply of a, but it uses the more integrated PCB boards and components, plus a reasonable layout and design, it was in volume account for a large advantage, and may effectively reduce product development.

] and each module can be separately rigorous testing, to ensure that the highly reliable, including test, so as to eliminate substandard products. By contrast, the integrated solution is more difficult to test, because the entire power system and other functional systems on the circuit are closely linked. Each power module has also been subjected to rigorous testing and aging of high temperature, the product performance is stable.

] different vendors can be in accordance with the existing technical standards for the design module of the same size and provide a variety of choices for power supply design engineer. That is, according to the characteristics of your products to change the size of the product, the size of the pin, to a greater extent to meet the needs of customers.

The relative power module of switching power supply, high efficiency, can effectively reduce the energy consumption. Efficient conversion and making the target product more competitive. Is also more in line with the current environmental protection product development requirements of energy conservation.

] and each module design and testing would be done in accordance with the provisions of the standard performance, can reduce the use of new technology to bear the risk.

It is convenient to use, high efficiency and maintenance. If the integrated solution, in case of a power supply system, we need to block motherboard will be replaced; if the use of modular design, as long as the problem module replacement can be, which is help save cost and development time.

The power module products generally glue packaging products, not easily affected by the environment, such as dust, vibration etc.. Better adaptation to different environments.

YDS Yuance technology has a complete after-sales service and mastery of technology, the RD team has independently designed and ability, not only to provide product standards and also provide special customized service to the user, and provide warranty period and a complete technical support to the user.

Combined with the above, the use of power modules to replace the ordinary switching power supply can significantly enhance the competitiveness of the start of your follow-up work to win the full time.

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